Your Whole30 Shopping List


So you’ve decided to take the plunge and commit to a Whole30 – congratulations! (Want to know more about what a Whole30 is? Click here). Preparation is the key to a successful 30 days of nutritional resetting, and there is a huge benefit to spending a bit of time on properly planning ahead. As well as making a meal plan for your first week, make sure you shop up and fill your fridge and pantry full of Whole30 compliant food.

As well as your pantry staples, here’s our list of what to buy in your pre-Whole30 grocery shop:

Feel free to mix and match depending on what is in season, and what recipes you plan to make that week.

Whole30 Shopping List

Whole30 Shopping List – Weekly Grocery Shop

I stock up on these items (some are not weekly purchases, but I included them so you are aware of what I buy for a Whole 30).




Bok choi


 Baby Spinach and/or lettuce



 Snow/sugar snap peas



 Brown Onions and red onion


 Tomatoes and baby toms


+ anything seasonal and yum like asparagus, squash, parsnips, beetroot





+ anything seasonal and yum like apricots, pears, melon, mango, pineapple, nectarines, peaches, mandarins, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries – (it definitely makes a difference doing a Whole 30 in Summer when there are amazing choices available)

+ medjool dates which I put in the freezer – taste like caramels!

+ frozen blueberries, spinach, mango etc for use in smoothies



 Salmon & smoked salmon*

 Chicken thighs/ breasts/ drumsticks

Minced beef/ pork/ lamb/ chicken

 Cans of tuna, salmon or sardines*

 Frozen prawns/ shrimp

 100% organic bacon*



*As with most items, please make sure you check the ingredients. A lot of meats in NZ have added sugars and preservatives.


 Herbs and spices

Arrowroot powder, baking powder, baking soda

Almond meal/ ground almonds

 Coconut oil

 Olive oil


 Dried unsweetened fruit – mango, apples, pears, figs

 Nuts – cashews, almonds, brazil nuts, pecans, pistachios

 Almond butter


Chia seeds

 Coconut milk

 Coconut flakes/ shredded coconut


 Coffee & Green tea

Let us know when you start your Whole30, and how you get on!

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