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Alisha and Leah are the two ladies working behind the scenes to bring you PICK + PALEO, and both are fans of the Whole30. Here’s an explanation of what the Whole30 is, in case you need to catch up. 

Today Alisha shares her story of how she found the Whole30 and why she loves it. Read Leah’s post here. 


The Whole30 wasn’t on my radar at all until I read Leah’s experience on her blog – I heard a few things about paleo but never the Whole30. I was intrigued….. but not intrigued enough. It all just seemed a bit too long, a bit too hard, and how on EARTH could I give up cheese for 30 days? However, if there’s one thing I know about the Whole30 it’s that you will know when you are ready. Because it’s not something you can just do 80%, you need to put your mindset into ‘I am fully committed to do this for 30 days’ and be 110% on board. 

For me, that time came in February 2014. I looked at my calendar and saw very few social events and decided it was the perfect time to give it a go. I read It Starts With Food and also got a friend in Perth on board for support. I have since done three Whole30s and have had very different experiences within all of them, but the results have always been incredibly rewarding!

How were you feeling “before”?

Not terrible. Instead of having health concerns I wanted to address, I actually wanted to give it a go to prove to myself I could commit to something completely for 30 days. I’ve always been a relatively healthy eater but I’ve never ‘dieted’, so doing something for 30 days that didn’t even involve ‘cheat meals’ was quite daunting. It was definitely a case of mind over matter. 

How did you prepare for the Whole30?

I read Leah’s blog, I read It Starts With Food, and I did a big shop of lots of staples… but overall I didn’t really know what to expect so decided to just take it a few days at a time. 

What was the first week/ starting the Whole 30 like?

I remember feeling incredibly proud of myself every night when I went to bed with another day conquered. The key thing for me was that I didn’t have any social functions for about the first 10 days, so I was easily able to stick to plan.

How did you feel at the end of the 30 days?

AMAZING. I said I didn’t feel terrible before I started – well, I think I just had no idea of how amazing my body could feel. I slept better, my thoughts were clearer, my bloated tummy disappeared, my energy levels exploded, and I loved all this newfound information I had on how to eat right and treat your body well. 

What was your favourite Whole30 meal?
I love having kumara with wholegrain mustard for breakfast! That’s something I’d never tried but it’s so delicious and nourishing. I also love making meatballs packed with spices in vege-laden sauces. My Whole30 Italian Meatball recipe can be found here


What was the hardest part about the Whole30?

Trying to explain it to people. No matter how hard you try, most people just don’t get it. 

What was the best part about the Whole30?

The results – and the fact that you start to feel them early on. I was so motivated by about Day 8 because I knew it would be worth it. 

What’s your one piece of advice for anyone wanting to give the Whole30 a try?

Start on a Wednesday or a Thursday. Make no plans for the weekend and just spend it close to home getting used to your new habits. It’s really easy to let things slip on the weekends but if you start later in the week it’ll be too early to cheat on the first weekend and then by the time the second weekend rolls around you’ll be in your groove!

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