How to Add Vegetables to Breakfast

vegetables for break

BREAKFAST HeaderAdding extra vegetables to your breakfast is a great way to ensure you hit your 5+ a day. While it’s easy to think of adding in veges to a large brunch meal like a Full English, it can be slightly harder to come up with ways to add vegetables in to your everyday breakfast. Here’s PICK + PALEO’S ideas for sneaking them in… do you have any others? 

Perfect Paleo Hashbrowns

  • Whip up some paleo hash browns – and consider shredding up other root vegetables like kumara, beetroot or carrots
  • Make a delicious paleo breakfast hash like Leah did here, throw in any extra vegetables you have!
  • Serve your scrambled eggs with a side of greens – sauteed spinach, kale or collard greens are great
  • Throw in extra’s with scrambled eggs – capsicum, onions, broccoli, mushrooms and spinach all make tasty additions
  • Make a frittata or omelette and pack it full of veges out of the crisper
  • Prep in advance by making egg muffins, and hide extra veges inside the “muffin mix”
    How to add vegetables to breakfast
  • Roast brussel sprouts or asparagus and eat them cold – just as good! 
  • A poached or boiled egg on top of anything makes it feel breakfasty, so throw them on top of a big bowl of mixed frozen or fresh veg
  • Salad for breakfast. It’s not as weird as it sounds! Once you have had it a few times, the fresh crunch of veges is a refreshing start to the day
  • Munch on carrot and celery sticks (and try slathering them with a nut butter for an extra boost)
    How to add vegetables to breakfast
  • Throw kale or spinach in to your breakfast smoothie to create an on-the-go-green bottle of goodness 
  • Add slices of avocado to any breakfast for extra healthy fats that will keep you full for hours 
  • Make a loaded up sweet potato – bake or microwave and add all the vege toppings you want
  • Stir fry or scramble veges in coconut oil and top it with hot sauce
    How to add vegetables to breakfast
  • Replace the slice of toast with a portabello mushroom – think eggs on portabello, avocado on portabello, tomatoes on portabello! 
  • Have you heard of toad-in-a-hole? Instead of cracking an egg inside a piece of bread, why not crack it inside a hollowed out tomato or a capsicum?
  • Eat last nights leftovers (because your dinner was loaded with vegetables right?)
  • Make a breakfast burrito – mince with onions, capsicums, baby spinach – all rolled up in iceberg lettuce
  • Eat whatever is in season

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