Tips for Ordering a Paleo Lunch

Tips for Ordering a Paleo Lunch

Heading out for lunch with friends or colleagues? Here’s PICK + PALEO’s tips on lunch time dining out:

Choose the lunch location that you are heading out to. If it’s lunch with colleagues, then research what’s available in the area near your office, and speak up with suggestions that include paleo options on the menu

“If you have no control over the café or restaurant you are going to, then do your research. Look up the menu and order (in your mind) before you go. Then when you get there, you don’t even need to open the menu!”

Eat something before you go. This means that even if the only thing that is paleo and that you can order from the menu is a side salad – that at least you won’t be hungry. Carry some paleo snacks in your handbag just in case!

Tips for Ordering a Paleo Lunch

Don’t be shy when asking questions. Ask what is in the dressings, or for X ingredient to be excluded, or for no bun, or the dressing on the side. You are the one paying, so you have a right to know what is in your meal. If the wait staff doesn’t know the answer, then get them to ask the chef

“If all else fails, blame it on an allergy or a sensitivity – gluten intolerance is now widely understood by eateries, so they should be able to suggest an alternative on their menu”

Don’t stress too much. So long as you do the best you can – then that’s all that matters. There is no such thing as The Food Police! Sometimes unknowns will slip in your diet, it’s not something to beat yourself up about

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