Repurposing your Leftovers for Lunch


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Lunch is probably the most difficult meal for me to plan during a Whole 30. I’m happy to stick with the tried-and-true for breakfasts and dinners I can stop at the supermarket on the way home and spend some time in the evenings preparing, but lunches are usually quick and easy grab-and-go meals from the closest cafe to work…. not so easy when you’re working with food restrictions! 

repurposing your leftovers for lunch

Desk lunches can be more exciting than you think when you’re repurposing your leftovers for lunch!

A little bit of prep goes a long way, and the easiest way to plan my lunches on the W30 is to always bring dinner leftovers. This is relatively easy for me – I always make enough food for four and only cook for myself, so a weeknight meal can last me a few days – if I don’t throw it in the freezer for those nights when I really can’t be bothered cooking! However, it can get pretty boring eating the same stuff you ate for lunch as you did for dinner, so I’ve worked out a few ways to mix it up! 

Repurposing your Leftovers for Lunch

  • Chop up chicken and toss through a salad for a cold meal the next day
  • Bring along some fresh spinach and have your heated leftovers on a bed of leaves
  • wrap meatballs in iceberg lettuce leaves – think of them as paleo sliders!
  • there’s nothing better than cold spag bol mince! Don’t bother reheating – just eat as-is!
  • add some cauliflower rice to your saucy leftovers for some added vege
  • get some coconut flour wraps and make cold chicken sandwiches 
  • Wrap last night’s salad up in some nori to make salad sushi rolls

Do you have any ideas on how you can freshen up your leftovers? What advice would you give when repurposing your leftovers for lunch?

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