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Paleo smoothie bowls are one of those menu items that seem to get ridiculed for being a ‘fad’ but we are convinced they deserve their place amongst the smashed avo and breakfast burrito options on offer at most cafes. Why? Um, they’re delicious. Need we say more? Yes? Ok, they’re also really healthy and an awesome way to jam-pack superfoods, fruits, and even hidden vegetables into one tasty portion. 

So when we found out about Bowl and Arrow, we knew we had to give them a try. As Auckland’s nomadic paleo smoothie bowl stand popping up at markets and fairs, they’re definitely ahead of the game when it comes to these amazing treats. Their menu is simple but perfectly formed – no one needs added complication in their lives and having three key flavours means you can make a quick choice and get that paleo smoothie bowl into your hands even faster. 

Bowl and Arrow's three main menu choices

Bowl and Arrow’s three main menu choices

So, what did we have?

We tried the Soul Mate which consisted of cacao, almond butter, dates, kumara and banana, blended with coconut cream and topped with paleo granola, banana, and berries. There’s an option to have oats for the non-paleo lovers. It was epic. The intensely-flavoured cacao was perfectly balanced with neutral bananas and almond butter. There’s really nothing better than eating something that tastes sinful but you know it’s all good for you. 

paleo smoothie bowls

We also tried the Six Pack, which was avocado, banana, spinach, mint, pineapple, kiwifruit, and spirulina, topped with paleo granola, banana, and raspberries. It was also delicious, but very different to the Soul Mate. This one was zingy, refreshing, and packed full of interesting flavours. The mint and pineapple added an awesome kick and the hidden spinach was a welcome addition to an otherwise fruity breakfast. 

paleo smoothie bowls

Bowl and Arrow is run by two Auckland girls – Hannah and Leisha – who quit their corporate jobs to focus on something they really loved. They started off making smoothie bowls for fun, but when they realised how much food-envy they were giving their friends and colleagues they realised they were onto a clever business idea. They have since been popping up at markets around Auckland as well as doing corporate catering – can you think of anything better than a healthy paleo smoothie bowl at your breakfast meeting? What a great way to start the day!

As well as smoothie bowls they also make baked treats – they’re not always paleo but they’re always healthy and free from nasty sugars and other ingredients that people might be intolerant of. If I wasn’t so full after my smoothie bowl I would have had my hands on a piece of raw ginger crunch!

paleo smoothie bowls

They’ve got some really amazing plans in the pipeline so it’s only a matter of time before you start hearing all about them (and maybe even seeing their products at a specialty supermarket near you…. fingers crossed!) so make sure you follow them on Instagram and check them out next time they’re in your area!


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