January iHerb Haul – what we’ve tried and loved lately

iherb haul

january iherb haulLet’s face it. Everyone loves an iHerb haul. It’s my number one stop for ingredients and supplies that you either can’t easily find in New Zealand or are simply too expensive to buy off the shelves. Sorry local retailers – I promise I love you in lots of other ways!

For those who don’t know, iHerb is an online retailer that offers primarily supplements, as well as a wide range of eco-friendly cleaning, makeup and food products. They’ve been in business since 1996 and ship all over the world. I discovered them in 2013 while I was doing my first Whole30 and have made regular orders since. 

Each month, we’ll be reviewing a range of iHerb products that we’ve carefully selected to supplement your paleo and Whole30 diet. If you’d like to purchase any of the products we recommend, just click through the links provided (this means we get a tiny reward which is always nice!)

January iHerb Haul

seasnax stix

SeaSnax, Stix, Crispy Seaweed Strips, Original

love these. I’m a huge fan of seaweed, so getting pre-cut packets of this tasty, salty snack is perfect for me. It’s such a good thing to munch on when you’re on the go – I’ve also found it to be a really good plane snack as it’s not bulky and they don’t get crushed or broken in your carry on!

Buy it here

seven se

Nuttzo, Organic Seven Nut & Seed Butter, Smooth, Original

Packed full of nuts including brazil nuts and hazelnuts and seeds including flax and sunflower seeds this spread really packs a nutritional punch. It’s super tasty by itself (seriously, a teaspoonful of nut butter is a great paleo treat) or smeared on fruit. We loved it on our grilled bananas as shown in this post. Note that this does contain peanuts so it’s not Whole30 compliant, but perfect for paleo dieters. 

Buy it here.

apple spice

Frontier Natural Products, Organic, Apple Pie Spice

This is something I think everyone needs to buy and have on hand in their pantry! If you’re a fan of putting cinnamon on, well, everything, then this will take your tastebuds to the next level. The unique mix of spices tastes just like Christmas pudding and is perfect for sprinkling on fruit, coconut cream, coconut yogurt… the list goes on!

Buy it here.


steak spice

Simply Organic, Grilling Seasons, Spicy Steak Seasoning

We used this steak seasoning in our round up of paleo steak rubs and it was definitely not for the faint-hearted! It’s packed with flavour, but a lot of these are chilli-based – you have been warned! I thoroughly enjoyed the lightly smokey flavour, and will definitely add it to steaks more often. 

Buy it here.

coconut necta

Coconut Secret, Raw Coconut Nectar, Low Glycemic Sweetener

This was something I’d not heard of before but after a bit of research found it was a great addition to the pantry. It can be used over pancakes in place of syrup, in baking as a sugar substitute, in salad dressings, and over cooked vegetables such as carrots and kumara. So far we’ve used it in salad dressings and over grilled fruits and it is incredibly tasty!

Buy it here.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

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