5 Tips for Eating Well on Christmas Day



If there’s one day of the year that people tend to over-indulge, it’s Christmas Day. There’s nothing like celebrating a good year with family and friends and good food. But how can you keep on track? Here are PICK + PALEO’S 5 tips for eating well on Christmas Day. 

  1. Have a good breakfast. Breakfast is probably the easiest meal at which to eat paleo. Treat yourself to a paleo breakfast of eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, bacon, spinach and avocado and you’ll set yourself up for the day and avoid an early onset of hunger. 
  2. Make a paleo platter. There’s always plenty of sweet treats on offer at Christmas but the easiest way to avoid them is to be the one providing the paleo options. Create a platter of nuts, fruit (strawberries and cherries are great on Christmas Day), prosciutto, smoked salmon (Ocean Blue is paleo!), seed crackers, olives, and dips with vege sticks and you’ll have plenty of paleo options right in front of you!
  3. Ask to plate up first. It’s always hard being that person at the dinner table but if you’re determined to be as paleo as possible just have a quick word with the head of the kitchen. Plating up first will mean you can serve yourself some salad before dressing is added, and you can season your meat and veg with paleo-approved condiments instead of lashings of gravy!
  4. Choose your alcohol wisely. Check out our post on paleo drinks. You could even make cocktail jugs for everyone!
  5. Let yourself have a few treats. It’s Christmas – relax and have fun and let yourself have a few treats. You deserve it!

How do you eat healthy during the silly season? We’d love to hear your tips!

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