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lunchbox alternatives

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I always believe that if you have the right equipment, you’re more likely to succeed. It’s why I swear by lululemon running pants instead of black tights from K Mart. They might be pricey, but they make you look good, feel good, and they last longer. I feel the same way about lunch boxes. Buy something that looks good, makes you feel good, and you’ll be more likely to pack your lunch every day instead of wasting money buying food you don’t need to put into your body.

So, with that in mind, here are my fave lunchbox alternatives.  

  1. The all-important Banana Storer

    All banana addicts know that they’re the WORST thing to pack in a bag. They bruise so so so easily, and you’re always one step away from a full on mushy banana explosion. Behold, the ultimate banana store. Buy one here – you’ll use it more than you ever thought possible. 
    banana storer

  2. Cooler Bags for Grown Ups

    It’s really hard to find a good cooler bag that doesn’t have the Minions on it. Good thing I’ve done the research for you and found a lovely one here that you can carry around with pride. 

  3. Brown Paper Bag

    This one is for all the retro lovers! It’s pretty amazing – the thick insulation means it’ll keep food hot or cold, so you can bring your paleo breakfast muffins to work in it! Buy it herelunchbox alternatives

  4. Bento Boxes

    One thing’s for sure – the Japanese know how to do anything food-related really, really well. Lunch boxes fall into this category, and the portable, compartmentalised bento box is one of my favourite things. These are particularly useful for paleo eaters, as each little compartment can hold the things we find ourselves eating often. Chopped fruit and veg, assorted nuts, olives, etc. I’ve found three different ones for you – here, here, and here. The hardest part is choosing your fave. 
    lunchbox alternatives

What do you take your lunch in?

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