BBQ Grilled Summer Fruit

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BBQ HeaderWhat better way to finish your evening than with BBQ grilled summer fruit? Juicy stone fruit like nectarines and peaches are in season right now, and it would be rude not to serve them up for dessert! Being able to simply slice and throw the fruit on the BBQ makes life so much easier too. 

We used fresh bananas and peaches, and prepared them by simply slicing the peaches in half and removing the stone, and slicing the bananas lengthwise (skin on, you could also wrap in tinfoil if your grill hasn’t yet been cleaned after your meats). We sprinkled the peaches with Apple Pie Spice (you could simply use cinnamon) and grilled all of the fruit for a few minutes each size. 

BBQ Grilled Summer Fruit

Served with a dollop of Nuttzo Organic Seven Nut and Seed Butter, the bananas were very more-ish. However, the peaches with the Apple Pie Spice (which turned a golden caramel colour and taste) really finished off the BBQ meal perfectly! 

BBQ Grilled Summer Fruit ideas

Curious as to what fruits you can BBQ grill? Check out our definitive list!

  • bananas
  • peaches
  • nectarines
  • apricots
  • plums
  • pineapple
  • orange
  • lime
  • quince
  • pear
  • melons
  • watermelons
  • papaya
  • mango
  • apples
  • coconut
  • figs

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