Tips for Paleo Grocery Shopping

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Tips for Paleo Grocery Shopping

When shifting to a paleo diet one of the most daunting tasks can be facing the weekly supermarket shop. Here at PICK + PALEO we want to make that a painless process for you, so today we are sharing our top tips for paleo grocery shopping. 

Have a master list 

You will find that week in, week out, you will buy the same staple items. Once you know what these items are, create a spreadsheet or word document and list everything you typically need – and list it by what area you will find it in (meat, fruit & veg, canned fish etc). 

Each week, grab a copy and cross of what you don’t need on that trip to the shops. That way, your staple list is ready to go. 

Plan Ahead

A good practice to get in to is thinking about what meals you want to make for the upcoming week, and planning your shopping list from there. This will ensure you only buy the ingredients that you need, and stop you from wasting money on impulse buys. It’s so easy to throw a few extras into the trolley (and some which may not align with your paleo plan!). Planning out all the things you need will make sure you stick to your list and keep you on track for a week of healthy eating ahead. 

Tips for Paleo Grocery Shopping

Shop Seasonally

We bang on a bit about seasonality here at PICK + PALEO, but it’s the best way to keep your grocery bill down, while maximising taste! Every month we create a downloadable seasonal shopping list for you (Get February’s list here). Pay attention to what is in season, plan your meals around these ingredients, and get the biggest bang for your buck. 

Buy in Bulk

See something you use often on special – like mince? Snap it up in bulk and stash it away. This tip is especially great for your meats, ensuring you always have grab-and-go protein on hand. Buy freezer bags and split larger quantities up, or stock up on cans of tomatoes and coconut milk when the prices drop. This also works for some seasonal fruit and vege, think about freezing fresh berries when they are in season, or green beans. Shopping at stores like Pak N Save or Bulk Bin Inns can also offer you a bigger discount when buying multiples or larger sized items – it might be more expensive up front, but it can save you time and money in the long run. 

Tips for Paleo Grocery Shopping

Don’t Forget The Freezer

While we love spending time in the fresh fruit and vege section, the area we always seem to neglect is the frozen aisle. This can be a haven of good paleo bargains – frozen fruit and veges are a healthy and affordable option, and we recommend always having a bag in your freezer. Usually frozen veges are picked when ripe, and flash frozen to seal in the freshness – simply throw them in a wok or microwave and you have a healthy side dish in seconds. 

Shop the Edges

We will let you in on a secret – the majority (we can’t quite say ALL) of supermarkets will have what us paleo folks need around the outside of the store. Think fruit and veges, fish, meats, deli and the frozen section. You really should only need to go down the aisles for your pantry staples and cleaning products. Beware of the processed goods lurking down the aisles and minimise your time there…and beware of any extra goodies which aren’t on your list which may somehow sneak in to the trolley! 

Shop Online

Some paleo friendly items can be hard to find at your local supermarket. Instead of trekking across the city to a specialty store, why not try a quick search online? We are fan’s of ordering items on iHerb, who often have great shipping deals – making international products much more affordable. Check out our latest iHerb haul here

Secondly, if you have problems with temptation – why not do your entire food shop online? Many supermarkets offer delivery or click and collect options, meaning the hard work of traipsing the aisles is done for you. 

What are your tips for making grocery shopping easier? 

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