12 Paleo Pantry Staples to Purchase



Throwing together a quick, easy and paleo friendly meal can sometimes seem a daunting task when it’s 6pm and you are hungry – so ensuring you always have some go-to staples in your pantry can really help. Here’s our list of items we throw in the shopping trolley week-in-week-out to ensure we are always fully stocked.

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  1. Coconut Oil: organic unrefined coconut oil gives a slight buttery flavour to dishes, and can be used at high temperatures without oxidising. Coconut oil comes solid in a jar or tub, and can be found with the oils in all supermarkets.
  2. Coconut flakes, chips or desiccated: eaten on their own these are a yummy healthy treat, but sprinkled on the top of dishes they can add an extra flavour and texture. 
  3. Coconut milk: can be used in sweet and savoury dishes, try it in a smoothie or a curry! It’s an excellent replacement for milk or cream in any recipes. It’s still Whole30 compliant if it contains guar gum, but avoid any brands that include added sugar or sulphites. 
  4. Olives: a great dose of healthy fats, olives are an excellent addition to salads or cooked dishes – or even as a snack. Check the ingredients for added sugar – you just want olives, water and salt in that jar! 
  5. Nuts: A small handful of nuts is a great snack (just be careful of eating the whole bag!) and can be purchased cheaply from the bulk bins. Keep a small amount of different types of nuts in the pantry for an easy way to jazz up a dish. 
  6. Capers: similar to olives, these add a salty kick to salads and cooked dishes. These pocket rockets have a tart and bright burst of flavour – so use sparingly until you are sure you like them! 
  7. Herbs and spices: we will have a starters list for you soon, but some staples to have in your kitchen include cinnamon, paprika, chilli flakes, cumin and mixed herbs. We recommend picking up a new spice/ dried herb each time you do a grocery shop to start building your collection. 
  8. Fish sauce: yes, it smells gross – but a splash of this sauce can add the extra zing to your dish. Use in stirfys and Asian inspired dishes – but again, check for added sugars and MSG when purchasing. 
  9. Thai curry paste: red, yellow or green we don’t mind, but having a curry paste (and a can of coconut milk) on hand makes a dinner out of whatever else you have on hand! 
  10. Canned fish – tuna, sardines, salmon: pocket sized protein which doesn’t need the fridge or cooking is a dream! We like varieties in natural springwater or olive oil – avoid the OTT flavour combinations as many are hiding added sugars. 
  11. Balsamic Vinegar: Not just as a salad dressing, this can also be used for marinating meats or adding to cooking. 
  12. Coconut or Almond flour: Use sparingly, but having a paleo friendly flour in the cupboard for whipping up some baked goods or adding a crunchy crust to other dishes.

What other staples do you keep in your paleo pantry? 

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